The Seeds of Evil: The Rise of Hitler

The Seeds of Evil: Germany 1919 - 1933.

Recommended Links on the early days of the Nazi Party:

This site provides an intriguing look at the early political life of Adolf Hitler. It traces his route through his early years into the German army at the outbreak of the First World War. From this point the reader is shown how his right wing views are developed and the ways in which he began to become influential within nationalist groups.

This page provides an overview of Nazi ideological beliefs. It briefly outlines the main points of the 25 point plan formulated in 1920 and describes the ideas put forward by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf.

The History Learning Site provides an extremely good overview of the early political life of Adolf Hitler. Incorporating useful sources this page explains the ideology of the NSDAP and the reasons for these beliefs.


The Second Reich
The Founding of the Weimar Republic
The Impact of War
The Treaty of Versailles
Germany 1919 - 1923
Germany - Economic Recovery
The Early days of the Nazi Party 1919 - 1924
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