The Seeds of Evil: The Rise of Hitler

The Seeds of Evil: Germany 1919 - 1933.

Recommended Links on the Impact of War

In this site, Professor Bernd Huppauf of New York University offers some insights into the way that the war affected peoples outlook. After reading through Professor Huppauf's comments go on to read through some of the comments made by other leading historians about the war. Not all comments are specific to the way that Germany was affected but are, in general, statements that are applicable to Germany in much the same way as they are to any of the countries who were devastated by this war.

Another link to the PBS interviews section. Here you'll find an explanation of how the post war era was one filled with disillusionment. An intriguing read that helps to place many later events in context.

Notes on the Impact of the First World War on Germany. from King David's High School.

The Spartacus Website outlines the cost of the war for all of the major combatants. Further statistical evidence of the cost of war can be found via this index page:

This diagram shows the actual cost of the war, in US Dollars. From this you can compare the relative cost of the war for Germany.

Though this page looks at the reasons for the German defeat in the First World War you can see from this analysis that there was a significant impact on Germany. Certainly this site will help you to realise how devastating the war had been.

This analysis of the German economy in the first 4 post war years illustrates the impact that war had upon economic life in Germany.

A comparison of the ways in which the British and German governments reacted to the worsening food shortages in the latter stages of the war.

This site looks at the impact of the food blockade during the war and in the years immediately following the conflict. Statistical evidence is offered illustrating the impact that the blockade had on the health of the German people. This can then be compared with other famines that have occurred within the last 100 years.

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