The Seeds of Evil: The Rise of Hitler

The Seeds of Evil: Germany 1919 - 1933.

Selected links on the Second Reich

This fantastic resource from King David's High School offers a very clear outline of the way that the Second Reich worked. In addition the site goes on to show how events from the failed revolution of 1848 onwards may have contributed in some way to the Rise of Hitler. Here you will see that political events deep occurring a hundred or so years previously can be viewed as having relevance to the way that Society and the Political systems work today.

This site looks at the end of the Second Reich and provides a useful insight into the way that one Political regime is replaced by another, including references to the impact of the war on the Reich - which is helpful as you can then evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Reich's political systems. This is a particularly useful link as you prepare for the following lesson as you will be able to draw comparisons between the two systems and make clearer analysis of the later Weimar constitution.

The page for the Second Reich is a portal that links to pages of use. From here you will be able to find documents relating to the Bismarck administration and Wilhelmine Germany. Also included are biographies of the great statesmen and narratives outlining the process of unification in more depth.

Russel Tarr's site contains many useful resources relating to Wilhelmine Germany. There are a range of PowerPoint presentations outlining the role of Chancellors, evaluations of WeltPolitik and Document based activities. Mr Tarr also provides links to further resources that will be of use to you.

A detailed account of the period 1870-1914. This site looks at the role of key individuals alongside the importance of minority groups within Germany at the time of the Second Reich. There is a helpful appraisal of Foreign Policy at the time and an explanation of German standards of living. Make sure you click through to the second part of this document; the link to part two is tucked away in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

An interesting insight into the Military tradition of the Second Reich can be gained from careful reading of the information on this site. Through using the links built into the page you will be able to gain a developed understanding of the political make up of Germany at the time. The explanations on this site are short and sweet, ideal for getting your head around some of the new terms and phrases that have been introduced to you.

The eduseek website offers a hyperlinked timeline of the Second Reich. This allows you to see how the Reich developed over time. Alongside this there are narrative accounts of the Bismarck and Wilhelmine eras, essays discussing aspects of Politics at the time and some interesting documentary evidence that makes use of the Kaisers personal mail.

On this page Tina Columbus briefly outlines the way in which the Second Reich fell and was replaced by the Weimar Republic. Understanding the nature of this change will help you to place later events in context.

Encyclopaedic entries relating to Germany in the age of the Reichskanzler (Imperial Chancellor). By making full use of the hyperlinked text you are able to investigate the relative significance of events and individuals throughout the History of the Second Reich and throughout the existence of the Weimar Republic.

The Second Reich
The Founding of the Weimar Republic
The Impact of War
The Treaty of Versailles
Germany 1919 - 1923
Germany - Economic Recovery
The Early days of the Nazi Party 1919 - 1924
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