Europe at War: A2 History - Unit 4

Student Guidance

The student guidance section will develop as study aids are developed. All documents are Microsoft Word documents unless otherwise stated. Please contact me if you would like a copy of these documents in pdf format.

Course Notes

  1. The Road to War
  2. Appeasement
  3. British readiness for War
  4. French readiness for War
  5. German readiness for War
  6. Polish readiness for War
  7. Soviet Readiness for War
  8. Analysis: military preparedness in 1939
  9. Nazi aims and objectives in 1939
  10. Blitzkrieg: strategy
  11. Blitzkrieg: practice
  12. Blitzkrieg in Poland
  13. Polish resistance
  14. The Invasion of Norway

Personal Accounts submitted to this site.

The bombing of Hughes Mansions by Dr. Ben Glazier

'Top Secret' by Eileen Younghusband

Operation 'Big Ben' by Eileen Younghusband

The Camp of Silence and Death by Eileen Younghusband

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The Europe at war section of this site is being gradually developed in preparation or teaching Edexcel A2 history, Unit 4: Europe at War. The section is not intended as a course guide, nor do I claim to be comprehensive my coverage or the war. The intention is to provide an overview of key areas noted in the syllabus along with a variety of links to sites that cover specific areas of interest.