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The American Revolution

The American Revolution is a Turning Point in Modern World history. It marked the end of British rule in America and established a nation that, in time, would prove to be one of the worlds most powerful and important countries. The information in this unit looks a the events leading up to the American Revolution and independence from Great Britain. read through this information, and make careful use of the links, before moving on to the activities section.

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Timeline of events

 1756 Britain and France fight over land in America.

 1763 Britain defeats the French armies in America.

 1765 Parliament introduces Stamp Tax in America

 1775 Declaration of Independence

 1775 Ė 1781 Americans fight for Independence from Britain.

 1781 British army surrenders at Yorktown.

 1783 British government signs peace treaty with America. The Americans had won. 


Britain ruled the 13 American Colonies until they won independence.
The Americans had fought alongside Britain against the French
The British imposed very high taxes on the American people: who didnít like this.
The War of Independence was 6 years long and very vicious at times. The Americans won this war.

American Revolution Links

The French Revolution


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