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The American Revolution

The American Revolution Activities

Presidents of the USA Hangman


From Useful quiz with research links. ATW Member.

What were the causes of the American revolution?

American resource. Includes worksheets, activities and lesson plans on the causes and consequences of the American revolution.


The American revolution. Cause, course and consequences of the American Revolution.

This excellent resource provides a range of enquiries into the Causes and consequences of the American revolution. Highly recommended.


Thinkquest: The American revolution

Excellent range of word searches, quizzes and enquiry activities on the History of the American Revolution. This site also includes a range of lesson ideas for teachers.


In depth quiz on the American Revolution

Excellent quiz with detailed feedback on answers provided instantly.


American Independence quiz

Easy to use quiz from


A Royal Charter from the king

An online project that can be used and amended by teachers or students. Excellent resources and ideas included here.


The Road the revolution

Excellent interactive journey through the revolutionary period. A must for students wanting to explore the build up to these events.


Who wants to be a Patriot?

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