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Timeline of events

 1775 Britain and France fight over land in America.

 1763 Britain defeats the French armies in America.

 1765 Parliament introduces Stamp Tax in America

 1775 Declaration of Independence

 1775 1781 Americans fight for Independence from Britain.

 1781 British army surrenders at Yorktown.

 1783 British government signs peace treaty with America. The Americans had won. 

History of America Links

Slavery and Civil Rights: This link is to an activity on Slavery in America. Produced by Wolverhampton Grammar School's history Department.
American Independence: The Internet Modern History Sourcebook has a large and easy to follow section on American independence. Well worth a visit for research purposes.
American 18th Century Documents: Yale university's archive on the American Revolution and American history. Extensive and very detailed. 
The History Place: Has lots of information on American history from the Founding Fathers through to the Modern Day.

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American Revolution

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