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Use these links to see how you can improve your work in BUSINESS STUDIES

The BBC's Revision section for GCSE and GNVQ Business Studies.

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BBC Bitesize - GCSE and GNVQ Business Studies
A constantly updated directory of resources that are useful in researching your GNVQ Business studies projects.
Business Studies GCSE revision site. Also quite useful for the GNVQ course. Offers revision activities and feedback.
Offers a range of resources for students and teachers of Business Studies at GCSE and GNVQ level. BizEd
Excellent resource for Teachers and Students. This is aimed more at A level Business Studies but some of the free resources are suited to GCSE/ GNVQ work. Oxford School of Learning
These sites can be used to help you with your Business Studies work.
Open Government website. An ideal source for researching your Business Studies project. British Government
Financial issues are covered in detail on this site. Another valuable research tool for your Business Studies projects. Citiserve

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