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The Romans - Romulus and Remus, Roman Army, Boudicca's rebellion, Roman Invasion of Britain, Roman Government, Growth of Rome, Gladiators, Julius Caesar, Roman Activities, Roman Links, Roman Forts*, CAESAR (Online lesson Pack)

*Forms part of the section on fortifications.

The Normans - Edward the confessor, Claimants to the throne, Battle of Stamford bridge, Norman Invasion, Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror, Norman Activities, Thomas Becket, Castles, Caerphilly Castles Pictures, Henry II, Castles Links Page, Skipton Castle, William I (the conqueror), William II (Rufus)

The Tudors - King Henry VII, Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, The battle of Bosworth Field, The Split with Rome, The Protestant Reformation, The execution of two Queens, The Act of Union with Wales, The Spanish Armada, William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake, King Phillip of Spain Tudor Activities, Tudor Pictures

The Stuarts - The Plague
The Civil War - Bradford in the Civil War, Family life during the Civil War, Battles of the Civil war, Civil war links
The Industrial Revolution - Inventions, Life before the industrial Revolution, Famous Factories, Women and Children, Migration, Life in an Industrial Town, Industrialists, The Workhouse, Transport, Working Conditions, Disease, Links, Activities, Teachers resources.
Popular Protests - Chartists, Luddites, Swing Riots, Rebecca Riots, Protest Movements, Protest Movement Activities, Luddites Simulation (NEW)
First World War - Causes of the First World War, Statistics related to the First World War, Life in a Trench, War Poems: Using Primary evidence, Technological advances during the War, Interactive Activities relating to the First World War, First World War Links, Reliability of war poetry, Simulation of Life on the Western Front
Interactive Timeline of the First World War - Flash version or via the HTML site which has the following index pages for easy browsing - Western Front, Eastern Front, Middle East, The Balkans and Italian front, The War at Sea, Home Front, Diplomacy, Personalities of the War. Simulation of Life on the Western Front
Second World War - D Day, Timeline of the Second World War, Second World War Links
Revision Guides - Medicine Through Time and Weimar and Nazi Germany

Each of these sub sections is a self contained unit in it's own right.

Medicine - Medicine in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek Medicine, Roman Medicine, Oriental and Islamic Medicine, Medieval Medicine, Vesalius, Infectious Disease

Weimar and Nazi Germany - Weimar: Government, Treaty of Versailles Gustav Stresemann, Wall Street Crash, How did Hitler gain power?, Munich Putsch, Hitlerís beliefs, Hitler's Successes, Route to dictatorship, Propaganda, Opposition to Hitler?, Totalitarian State?

Weimar and Nazi Germany Encyclopaedia - Abwehr, Adolf Hitler Schule, Afrika Korps, Alte Kampfe, Anschluss, Anti-Semitism, Autobahn, Axis pact, Barbarossa, Beer Hall Putsch, Belsen, Belzec, Birkenau

Castles - Extensive Links page, Overview of Castle development, Iron Age and Roman Fortifications, Motte and Bailey Castles, The Stone Keep Castle, The Normans in Yorkshire, Concentric Castles, Castle Links, Castle Activities, Castle Images
The USA in the 1920's, Isolationism, Racism, Prohibition and Gangsterism, The "Roaring Twenties", American History Links, The American Revolution, American History Activities
Revision Tips - English, Maths, Science, ICT, Technology, History, Geography, Business Studies, Art, Coping with Exam Pressure, Coursework tips
Online Directory of interactive quizzes. A very large collection of quizzes provided by this and other sites. Please let me know of any other quizzes that are of use to history teachers or students.
Interactive lessons. A selection of Online History Lessons for students and teachers to make use of. Now over 50 lessons on this page!
This page pinpoints the major areas of the site: which are outlined above.

Picture galleries ,Ancient Egyptian sites, Caerphilly Castle, D Day landing beaches, Colonial Malaysia, First World War, Hill 62, Manhattan, Manhattan Museum of Art, Monet's Garden, Central Paris, Russian Revolutionary figures, Skipton Castle, Tudor Portraits,Vimy Ridge, V1 and 2 rockets, Weimar and Nazi Germany,

Teachers resources Year 7 resources, Year 8 resources, Year 9 resources, GCSE Resources, Lesson Plans, Teaching tips: the best of the web, A Teacher's guide to creating Online activities, Web Tools, Gifted and talented Resources, Assessment Section, Discussion Forum, Games Section, Monarchs Section (Biographies, sources and interpretations)

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Please visit our sponsors to help pay for the cost of this site. Our sponsors sites will include advertising.

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