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King Edward VI

King Edward VI was a child when his father, Henry VIII died. He had been a much sought after heir to the Tudor throne and expectations were high when Edward VI was crowned. It was hoped that the new King would enjoy a long and successful reign, resolving the religious problems of the day. King Edward VI died long before any of these expectations could be met. Indeed, Edward never ruled the country himself, his uncle, the Duke of Somerset, governed as regent as Edward was so young.

Edward's mother had been Jane Seymour, she died shortly after he was born and so Edward was brought up in the royal household alongside his older sister, Elizabeth. King Edward VI was brought up in a protestant household. His uncle had great hopes of ensuring the dominance of the new protestant religion. This was in stark contrast to his sisters, Mary being a devout Catholic as a result of her mother being Spanish. Edward's brief reign as King of England ended when, at the age of just 15, he died of Tuberculosis. His reign had seen the spread of religious disharmony and the beginnings of the persecution of the Catholics: although non of these were directly his doing.

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