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1. In which English City would you find the Crucible Theatre?

2. Which Yorkshire born actor played the role of Boromir in Peter Jackson’s recent adaptation of The Lord of the Rings?
3. JRR Tolkein wrote The Lord of the Rings but what do the initials JRR stand for?

4. Pyongyang is the capital of which Asian country?

5. Who is the current caretaker manager of Leeds United?

6. Who played Rodney in Only Fools and Horses?

7. Which Bradford born vocalist duetted with Elton John on the hit single ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’?
8. Which element has the chemical symbol ZN?

9. Which European country is the worlds most visited country?

10. Which South East Asian State is the world’s most densely populated country?

11. In which book of the Old Testament does the story of Cain and Able appear?

12. The playwright Alan Ayckbourn is associated with which Yorkshire coastal town?

13. In 1928, who discovered Penicillin?

14. In which country was spoonbender Yuri Geller born?

15. If you were born on Christmas Day, which star sign would you be?

16. What do the initials PLC stand for after a company name?

17. What was the sequel to the TV series ‘Yes Minister’ called?

18. In the Bible, which angel foretold the birth of Jesus?

19. For which sport was Duncan Goodhew famous?

20. Which city is also known as ‘The Big Apple’?

21. Which of the following is not a type of pottery: Ming, Chippendale, and Wedgwood?

22. What type of bird has varieties called Ring, Turtle and Collared?

23. What animal lives in a lair or an earth?

24. Who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor in India?

25. Who teamed up with Benny, Bjorn and Annafried to form ABBA?

26. What was the occupation of Beirut hostage John McCarthy?

27. Which overture has a date in the title and features cannons and bells in the music?

28. Which Opera singer sang a solo and Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding?

29. In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, what was Charlie’s surname?

30. Who duetted with David Bowie for the hit single ‘Dancing in the Street’?


The questions contained in these pub quizzes have been used in pub quizzes that the authors of the site have either attended or have written themselves. Whilst efforts are made to ensure that the answers stated are correct, it is possible that mistakes have been made. Please e-mail us with any corrections.

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