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1. What is the only land mammal that cannot jump?

2. Which is the highest capital city in Europe – London, Berlin or Madrid?

3. The Khyber Pass links which 2 countries?

4. Which is the largest joint in the human body?

5. What is the fundamental oath that is associated with doctors?

6. Whom did film star Grace Kelly marry in 1956?

7. What cargo did the Cutty Sark carry?

8. Alphabetically, what is the last sign of the Zodiac?

9. Which university is based in Milton Keynes – University of Central England, de Montfort University or the Open University?
10. Which city is furthest north - St Petersberg, Copenhagen or Montreal?

11. In which television series do we meet the roly-poly cleric, Geraldine Grainger?

12. When did New Years Day and New Years Eve last fall in the same year?

13. Which television programme have Leslie Crowther, Michael Aspel and Eamonn Andrews all presented?
14. What can be Tulip, Balloon or Flute?

15. Who was the first regular female presenter of Points of View?

16. Which daring World War II raid did Guy Gibson lead?

17. How many furlongs are there in a mile?

18. Cu is the chemical symbol for which element?

19. According to the legend, which bird rose from it’s own ashes?

20. Which fruit is dried to make prunes?

21. Which spice comes from the Crocus?

22. Which designer is credited with designing the mini skirt?

23. Which nuts are used to make marzipan?

24. What carries blood to the heart – arteries or veins?

25. The binary system uses only two numbers – what are they?

26. What is John Cleese’s real name?

27. Which of the seven dwarves comes last alphabetically?

28. Who is credited with the invention of television?

29. How many classifications are there on the Richter scale?

30. Diamond is the birthstone for which month?



The questions contained in these pub quizzes have been used in pub quizzes that the authors of the site have either attended or have written themselves. Whilst efforts are made to ensure that the answers stated are correct, it is possible that mistakes have been made. Please e-mail us with any corrections.

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