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1. On which racecourse is the St Leger run?

2. Which arm did Nelson lose in service?

3. On a dartboard, which number is directly opposite 1?

4. Which is the first animal in the dictionary?

5. Who was the host of Animal Magic?

6. The title of which Shakespeare play is also a proverb?

7. What nationality is the violinist, Yehudi Menuhin?

8. How many children were in Enid Blyton’s Famous Five?

9. Which Olympic athlete has won gold medals at 5 successive Olympics?

10. On which day of the week are British elections held?

11. If it rains on St Swithens Day, how many more days is it supposed to rain?

12. How many US Presidents are carved into Mt Rushmore?

13. From which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical does the song ‘Memory’ come from?

14. What honour have Theodore Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela all received?
15. Who are Aramis, Porthos and Athos better known as?

16. What comes in the following forms, compound, simple and impacted?

17. Name 2 of the 3 African countries that begin with the letter Z?

18. Valletta is the capital of which Mediterranean Island?

19. Which fictional detective lives in St Mary Mead?

20. Which organisation has the motto Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity?

21. How did Vincent Van Gogh commit suicide – did he overdose on drugs, hang himself or shoot himself?
22. What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

23. Who had a number one hit with ‘Careless Whisper’?

24. Who produced the car called the Allegro?

25. On which wedding anniversary do you give lace – 9, 11 or 13?

26. A leveret is the young of which animal?

27. What is the average human body temperature, in degrees Celsius – 35, 37 or 39?

28. Which of the Bronté sisters wrote ‘Wuthering Heights’?

29. Which planet is nearest the sun?

30. Which musical word is an anagram of ‘carthorse’?



The questions contained in these pub quizzes have been used in pub quizzes that the authors of the site have either attended or have written themselves. Whilst efforts are made to ensure that the answers stated are correct, it is possible that mistakes have been made. Please e-mail us with any corrections.

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