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1. Which starsign do 2 fishes represent?

2. If tachycardia is a fast heartbeat, what is tachypnea?

3. Which unpopular tax was introduced in Scotland in 1989 and England in 1990?

4. What is the technical term for the collarbone?

5. A sow is a female pig, what is a male pig called?

6. What ‘c’ is an infection of the intestine caused by drinking dirty water?

7. What ‘t’ is the name of a river that flows into another river rather than flowing into a sea or lake?
8. Who was God speaking to from the burning bush?

9. What were the names of Margo and Jerry Leadbetter’s neighbours in ‘The Good Life’?

10. Which 1970’s film starred Angela Lansbury as a trainee witch?

11. What were the names of the lead actor and lead actress from the film Grease?

12. What was the Christian name of the poet ‘C Day-Lewis’?

13. Who had a 1960’s hit with ‘Right Said Fred’?

14. On which film is the musical High Society based?

15. What was Sting’s first hit?

16. Who sang with Meatloaf on ‘Dead Ringer for Love’?

17. Which film starred lots of ghosts and a giant marshmallow man?

18. Which song did Whitney Houston record for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?

19. Who was the 1994 Snooker World Champion?

20. What is the colour of the dot on the fastest squash ball that is used in cold conditions?

21. A full size snooker table is 12 foot long, but how wide is it?

22. Which football team launched a green and yellow away strip in 1992?

23. In American Football, how many points are scored for a field goal?

24. Which English Boxer said ‘I enjoyed hitting him and he enjoyed me hitting him’?

25. Who was ‘Addicted to Love’ in the 1980’s?

26. Who told you to ‘Go West’ in the 1990’s?

27. Who has been ‘Bad’ and ‘Dangerous’?

28. What was the Christian name of Will Carling’s first wife?

29. Who was the first woman to lead a political party?

30. Who wrote the stories about Peter Rabbit?



The questions contained in these pub quizzes have been used in pub quizzes that the authors of the site have either attended or have written themselves. Whilst efforts are made to ensure that the answers stated are correct, it is possible that mistakes have been made. Please e-mail us with any corrections.

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