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1. What is the capital of the Ukraine?

2. What does SARS stand for?

3. Which TV chef also plays the drums in a band?

4. Which cocktail consists of Tia Maria, Vodka and Coke?

5. Which British Queen is buried under platform 8 at King’s Cross Station?

6. The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans which river?

7. How high, in feet, is the crossbar on a football goal?

8. What is the UK’s most dialled telephone number?

9. Who is the retired General who is in charge of rebuilding the Iraqi infrastructure?

10. What was the name of the controversial Refugee camp near Calais?

11. Who took over the role of Q in the James Bond films following the death of Desmond Llewellyn?
12. Which book records debates in Parliament?

13. Who plays the role of Harry Potter?

14. What name is given to the medical condition when you suffer from a dangerous loss of body heat?
15. What colour flag would a motor racing driver receive if he were disqualified?

16. ‘The mole had been working very hard all morning’ is the first line of which famous book?

17. What name did Dickens give the character John Dawkins?

18. Which country won this years Eurovision Song Contest?

19. What two words appear on the Victoria Cross?

20. What is the highest mountain in Africa?

21. Who killed MacBeth?

22. Which soul singer had a hit with ‘You’re My First, My Last, My Everything’?

23. For which newspaper did Superman work?

24. In which state is the Grand Canyon?

25. What was the name of the first cloned sheep?

26. Of which Asian country was Benazir Bhutto a former Prime Minister?

27. Which of the Bronte sisters wrote Wuthering Heights?

28. On which river do Halifax and Wakefield stand?

29. London is currently bidding to host the Olympic Games, but in what year?

30. Which member of the Royal Family is expecting a baby in December?



The questions contained in these pub quizzes have been used in pub quizzes that the authors of the site have either attended or have written themselves. Whilst efforts are made to ensure that the answers stated are correct, it is possible that mistakes have been made. Please e-mail us with any corrections.

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