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USA 1919 - 1941

The American Dream

The Roaring Twenties

The Boom

Ku Klux Klan


Isolationism 1

Isolationism 2 - more depth

Henry Ford

The Wall Street Crash

Causes of the depression

The New Deal



Multimedia - United States 1919-1941


USA in the 1920's

Video introduction to the USA unit.

I use this video as a simple introduction to the unit. We start with a brainstorm of things that pupils already know about the US in the period and then use the video as a prompt for additional topics.


The Jazz Age


  Dustbowl Blues
  Scenes from the great depression

America's golden age

A series of colour images from the period of the Depression.

  The Wall Street Crash
  FDR inauguration - newsreel coverage
  The New Deal





In this unit:



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The Turkey Inn, Goose Eye, Oakworth - great historical public house with loads of great beer and a lovely atmosphere