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Interactive Timeline of the First World War


January 1914 Russian diplomats discuss the European situation.
February 1914 Russian politicians worry about the consequences of war.
March 1914 Anglo - French talks.
April 1914 Arrangements for housing British troops in France are made.
May 1914 Members of the two alliances meet to discuss strategy.
June 1914 Assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
July 1914 A month of Ultimatum and Counter ultimatum.
August 1914 Declarations of war.
April 1917 The United States enter the War
January 1918 Wilson's Fourteen Points
October 1918 Negotiations relating to a possible armistice
November 1918 The Armistice
July 1919 The Treaty of Versailles.
September 1919 The Treaty of St. Germain
November 1919 The Treaty of Neuilly
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