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The First World War

Interactive Timeline

Life on the Western Front - an interactive decision making exercise

Causes of the First World War

The Schlieffen Plan

War Poetry

The Role of Britain in the First World war

Trench Warfare


The Home Front




The Schlieffen Plan

The Schlieffen Plan is the name given to the plans that the German Army had formulated for an attack on France. Detailed notes on the Schlieffen Plan and the way that it was executed by the german forces during the First Word War can be found on this page.

The Beginning of the war on the Wester Front comprised the German launching of the Schlieffen Plan and Allied (Belgian, French and British) attempts to prevent it from succeeding. These events included a 'race for the sea' whcih saw both sides attempting to outflank (go around) one another. The failure of the German forces to achieve this led to the failure of the Schlieffen Plan and the development of Trench Warfare.

Activity - Race for the Sea. Open this classtools template. The map has 5 labels on it relating to the race for the sea. What order d you think these events happened in? Work out what the sequence was and think about what the consequences of these events would be on the strategies and tactics that both ides would need to deploy in the followig stages of the conflict.

Related content - The British Expenditionary Force at the outbreak of war. In particular, the animation and elements of the source material on this page are related to the way in which British forces were involved in defending Belgium against the German attack.

External Link - BBC Animation of the Western Front. The opening sections of this excellent animation clearly visualises the way in which the German troops attempted to implement the Schlieffen Plan.






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