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Weimar and Nazi Germany

The Weimar Constitution

The impact of the Treaty of Versailles

1919 -1923: years of crisis?

The Munich Putsch

The Origins of the Nazi Party

1924 - 1929: A Golden era?

Gustav Stresemann

German Foreign Policy 1919 to 1933

Germany in the Depression

The Rise of the Nazi party

From Chancellor to Fuhrer

The failures of Weimar

Creating a totalitarian state

Nazi methods of control

Opposition to the Nazi's


The Economy under the Nazi's

Nazi Foreign Policy

Education in Nazi Germany

The Holocaust



Germany - Mutimedia section


Against the odds.

This is a trailer for the film, Against the Odds. The film tells the story of resistance to the Nazi regime from inside a concentration camp.

How can it be used in the classroom?

The trailer is 2 minutes long. It provides some powerful visual materials in the first half of the trailer that can be used to ask pupils to place the events into context. Pupils could simply be asked to consider what is happening, when it is happening and what reasons there may be for these events occuring.

The second half of the trailer then presents several interviews. These provide an element of hope - these people survived the camps. Pupils could be asked to consider what these interviews tell us about the way in which people responded to persecution in Nazi Germany.

Alternatively, the clip could be shown in its entirety, simply used to visualise some of the places involved and to introduce pupils to the camps, offering an opportunity for pupils to think of questions tha tthey may have prior to undertaking their own more detailed study.



Hitler making a speech

This provides footage of a speech made by Adolf Hitler and has English subtitles.

The speech is typical of Hitler's public addresses and is a useful wy of illustrating to pupils the way in which Hitler and the Nazi's used rallies to put across their political viewpoints. Pupils could be asked to consider what the main points in Hitler's speech are, and then link the points in the speech to actions and policies that were introduced in Germany under the Nazi regime.



Adolf Hitlers 1939 speech at the Kroll Theater

This speech is accompanied by a translation into English that makes use of a variety of text effects.

How can this be used in the classroom?

This speech can be used as an introduction to the Holocaust. Play the speech and ask pupils to read the translation whilst listening to Hitler. Ask pupils to consider:

- what does Hitler say will hapen to the Jews?

- what events will cause this to happen?

- when does Hitler make this 'prophecy'? (His term, not mine)

What does the speech suggest about Hitler and the Nazi leaderships plans for the near future? (Bearing in mind that the speech was made in 1939). It is worth reminding pupils of this speech if they are asked to consider whether the Final Solution was pre-planned.


Germany revision guide

This revision guide was compiled by a student who then poped it onto youtube. It's worth using as a starting point for revision, and would be a handy example to view if youre thinking of creating your own audio-visual revision guide.

FLV Download.



In this unit:

Essential Revision

Key Issues:

  1. How far did Germany recover under Stresemann?
  2. How did the Nazi party develop, upto 1929?
  3. How did Hitler become Chancellor?
  4. Howdid Hitler create a dictatorship?
  5. What were the main features of Totalitarian rule?
  6. What were the benefits of Nazi rule?

Full Germany revision section

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