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Medicine Through Time

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Medieval Medicine

The Black Death

Islamic Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Renaissance Medicine

Fight against Infectious Disease

Public Health in the Industrial Revolution

Development of Nursing

The Welfare State



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Science and Technology



Public Health

Women in Medicine

Continuity and Change


MultiMedia - Medicine Through Time

A series of audio-visual resources for use in the classroom:


The Black Death

I've used this video as an introduction to the Black Death with both GCSE and Year 7 students.

How do I use it?

We start with a brainstorm about beliefs about the causes of disease at the time. These are noted and discussed on the board. The video is then introduced as an overview of SOME of ways in which the disease spread, treated and thought about at the time.

Whilst watching the video I've had students completing a variety of tasks. The most popular of which has been Black Death Bingo. Simple reinforcement of the key words associated with this part of the course - which are then discussed when checking who the winners are etc.

Associated resources:

Black Death Bingo - word document

What was the Renaissance? An MP3 developed by Mr McDonald. Ideal for downloading and using for revision.
William Harvey An MP3 developed by Mr McDonald. An excellent way of developing knowledge of the period, and of having easy to use revision material.
Andreas Vesalius Another excellent MP3 by Mr McDonald. This time, he explores the work of Vesalius.


A revision video by Miss Mancktelow.


Research teams

A revision video by Miss Mancktelow.



A revision video by Miss Mancktelow.

  Public Health in Victorian England
  Louis Pasteur

Fighting Disease

An overview of the way in which Scientists have managed to address the problem of infectious diseases over the ages.

FLV download.


Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Found on this clip is an excellent revision clip covering Egyptian beliefs, methods and civilisation.

FLV Download.





In this unit:






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