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King Henry II

Henry II became King in 1154. The country had suffered a civil war for almost twenty years before,  between Henry II's mother Matilda and the old King Stephen. The country was in a terrible mess, villages had been destroyed , crops burnt and many of the Barons would not obey the kings laws.

Henry II is known as a strong king. He was a good soldier and leader. Henry forced the barons to obey him by using his army. For example William Le Gros the Duke of York refused to obey Henry , Henry took his army  to meet William on the battle field and it was not long before William gave in.  

Once in control, Henry II made sure he knew what was going on in the country he ruled; he travelled about the country visiting the barons . He changed the system of justice to make sure people who were accused of a crime were given a fair trial. During the reign of King Stephen many innocent people had been made to pay fines so that the barons could have the money.  

King Henry also introduced a new law  for the barons , instead of having to fight for the king they could pay him some money. This was another way that the King could get money to pay his army and other expenses.






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