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Use these links to see how you can improve your work in HISTORY

A wide range of notes, games and revision activities are linked to from this page. This unit covers the essential facts, themes and factors on the Medicine Through Time syllabus.
Medicine revision guide
Download notes, test your knowledge and create revision diagrams using this comprehensive list of revision tools. Weimar and Nazi Germany Revision pack
Ok, so it's this site but there are a lot of useful activities in the GCSE section. Check the Medicine and Weimar Germany pages for online revision activities. Homepage of
An excellent source of Online revision activities. This site is particularly helpful for visitors studying the Modern World syllabus. - excellent source of revision materials
A very useful source of tips and revision activities for history students.
Wolverhampton Grammar School's History Department
The BBC's Revision section offers some very easy to understand overviews of all of the history syllabi. There are plenty of Online activities for you to use and a number of good links.
BBC's GCSE revision guide
Channel Four's Homework help pages are an excellent source of help for you when you are revising History. If you are 'stuck' you can post a question to a teacher who will answer it, online, within a day or so.
Homework help form Channel 4
This site has a wealth of activites produced by teachers. All of these are useful fo you when you are revising.
History activities for students of all ages
Sites that will be of use when you are revising for HISTORY
Extensive encyclopedia covering much of the content of the GCSE syllabi offered.
The History Channel's website offers content and activities on most areas of history.
Very useful for students following the GCSE Modern World syllabus.

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