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Rise of Islam Activities

Rise of Islam Activities

Baghdad writing frame

This writing frame was designed for use with a class doing a project on the Ancient City of Baghdad. Students are offered prompts for each section of the Project and instructions are found highlighted in red, within the word 2000 document that opens when you open the Writing Frame. Suited to student's working at levels 2-3 of the National Curriculum, and those with support assistants to aid them.

Muhammad (pbuh)

These activities are Literacy based tasks relating to the life of the Prophet Muhammad. 

Jumbled Sentence activities

For each of these activities student's need to work out the correct order of the words and then click on the phrases in the right order.

Muhammad (pbuh) 1

Muhammad (pbuh) 2

Muhammad (pbuh) 3

Fill in the gaps exercises

A little more advanced. This activity about the Prophet Muhammad checks the retention of knowledge of the student along with their spelling of key words.

Muhammad's early years

A similar task, this time looking at the early spread of the Islamic Empire.

Why were the Arab armies successful?

Again in this task the student is required to recall key words and place them into the correct context. The text is based heavily upon the Islamic Crusades page.

The Crusades

Do you know of any good activities on this topic? e-mail me the URL of any sites that can promote an understanding of the Rise of Islam.


The Rise of Islam is an optional Unit in Key Stage 3




















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