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Use these links to see how you can improve your work in MATHEMATICS offer a range of useful tips on how to succeed in Exams. Go to the Maths section and make use of their activities and revision prompts.
The BBC's Bitesize section offers activities and feedback on all elements of the Key Stage 4 Maths programme of study. A KS3 Bitesize section is also available from this site.
BBC Bitesize
S-Cool's Maths section.
S-Cool's Maths section
If you fancy a break from maths puzzles then treat yourself to some metal puzzles or wooden puzzles – you’ll enjoy the challenge.
Scarborough's Sixth Form College offer some excellent links to Maths activities and sources of revision help.
BBC Scotland's revision section for Maths. Another very useful resource from the BBC. Similar to the Bitesize link above, this section has slightly different activities.
BBC Scotland
These sites can be used to help you with your Maths work.
Teacher produced maths site offering revision tips and useful activities.
A collection of Algebra activities suited to GCSE and AS Level study.
Maths World provides revision activities covering a variety of Maths topics. Suitable for GCSE and KS3 students.
An extensive site offering revision ideas for GCSE maths, resources for teachers and discussion forums.
Lots of helpful activities on Equations and Algebra.
A very helpful Maths website offering activities and tips onhow to improve.
Very useful for Students about to take the Key Stage 3 Maths tests. GCSE students can use this for revision of some mathematical skills.
A detailed look at Pythagorus' theorum.
General maths revision tasks for Key Stages 3 and 4.
Teacher produced site offering a variety of Maths revision exercises.
Useful if you are revising vectors.
A selection of Interactive maths lessons and activities.
A variety of links for Maths teachers. These can be used by students wanting to revise.
An extensive directory of Maths resources for students and teachers. This site offers Maths revision aids and puzzles for students of all ages. NGFL Approved.
Maths revision page. This site offers a range of Maths activities for students.

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