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Egyptian Medicine

Medicine Games and Quizzes

Ancient Egyptian medicine Currently 4 quizzes in this section.
Greek Medicine Currently 5 activities in this section.
Roman medicine Currently 16 quizzes about the Romans (Not all medicine quizzes)
Islamic and Chinese medicine No games at the moment - try these source based activities instead.
Medieval medicine No quizzes or games yet.
Infectious Disease 4 activities in this unit at the moment.
Bingo Cure yourself by trying out online bingo games with tombola or play Cheeky Bingo with the free bingo hunter.
Medicine in the Ancient World A 'Walk the Plank' game created using the interface on Schoolhistory.co.uk
Famous figures from Medicine Another 'Walk the Plank' game. Created by Mr Drew of Passmores School using the interface.
Medicine: Public health A Fling the Teacher game created using Mr Field's create your own option.
Medicine: Infectious Disease Another Fling the Teacher game created using Mr Field's create your own option.
Renaissance Anatomy & Surgery This Fling the teacher game was created by Mr Drew.
Medicine through time Fling the Teacher at Schoolhistory.co.uk
Medicine Through Time Can you save King Henry VIII from the noose? Play this hangman game at Schoolhistory.co.uk
Play your cards right. How good is your chronological understanding of medicine through time? See if you can get the better of Brucey using Mr Tarr's fantastic 'Play your cards right' game. The medicine game is at the bottom of the GCSE options.
The BBC Bitesize site has a range of activities about medicine Through Time available.



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