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Protest Movements Activities


The Protest Movements Activities page

New: Luddite Simulation.- Online lesson

How would you have dealt with the Political upheaval of the time?

Test your teacher... make THEM take the protest movements quiz!

Chartism Quiz Luddite Vocabulary test Swing Riot Quiz  Protest Movements Quiz

Other activities relating to the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions

Death on the Railways (Wolverhampton Grammar School) A sourcework investigation with sources from Spartacus Educational.
Industrial Revolution ( Hangman activity.
Industrial Revolution ( A collection of quizzes testing your knowledge of the Industrial Revolution - how much do you know?
Industrial Revolution Transport Quiz from the History channel
The Industrial Revolution Quiz from the History Channel
Inventors Hangman ( A hangman quiz testing your knowledge of famous inventors during the Industrial Revolution.  You are provided with a short clue - the rest is up to you!
Planning a Political Demonstration (Wolverhampton Grammar School) game
Children in the factories (Wolverhampton Grammar School) Detecting bias: In this activity, students edit and analyse a primary source document in order detect bias and develop their understanding of fact and opinion. Lesson plan included.

The Chartists        The Luddites        The Swing Riots        The Rebecca Riots        Other protest Movements. 

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