Topical Content: D Day Decision Making Exercise - Interactive Timeline of the First World War

Weimar and Nazi Germany Activities


Weimar Germany

The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party

League in the 1920's (Wolverhampton grammar) Nazi Germany
League of Nations (History Channel) Adolf Hitler (KLB)
League of Nations role play (Wolverhampton Grammar) The Rise of Hitler: Online lesson and interactive activities. (
Origins of World War 2 -Peace Settlement of 1919 BBC: Rise of Hitler 
Origins of World War 2 -The 1920s: a peaceful decade?: BBC: Nazi Germany
Weimar Germany (1918-1934) (Woverhampton Grammar) Was Hitler a passionate lunatic? (Learning Curve)
The Weimar Republic (Rangiora High School)
Origins of WWII (1939-1941) (Rangiora High School)
Origins of World War 2 Time-line quiz 1 (Quia)
Second World War Life in Hitler's Germany
Two World Wars activity  
D Day activity (This site) Anne Frank Quiz 1
Online lesson: provided by Freecampus Hitler's Germany (The History Channel)
Causes of WWII (History Channel) Nazi Germany (1933-45) (Woverhampton Grammar)
From European conflict to world war, 1939 - 1941  
WWII true/false quiz
WWII multiple choice quiz (Grolier)
WWII wordsearch (
What Caused WW2? (Wolverhampton Grammar)
Origins of conflict (BBC)
Hangman Quiz - The spread of World War 2, 1939-41: (Quia)

Revision Guides - Medicine Through Time and Weimar and Nazi Germany

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