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Worksheets. Apologies for the makeshift nature of this resource list, the resources section is currently being re-developed. The resources below are a sample of the resources that will be made available shortly.

Downloadable history worksheets

The Romans

The Roman Army Investigation into the strenght of the Roman army.
Rebellion Sequencing activity based on the uprising of the Iceni
Hadrian's Wall Information and activities on hadrian's wall. Designed for lower attainers.
The Republic Outlines the parts of Roman Government at the time and the functions of each of these. References to page numbers may need altering to match the textbooks you use.
The Roman Empire 5 pages of activities on the Roman Empire (pdf) Converted to PDF by Mr Field of
The Roman Empire Activities on a variety of aspects of the Roman Empire. Designed for lower attainers.

The Middle Ages

Claims to the throne Submitted by N Boughey. Investigates the different claims to the throne.
Decision of the Witan Submitted by N Boughey. Follows on from above resource. Who would you choose to be the king/
Fact File Submitted by N Boughey. Create a biography of a famous person using this template.
How did the Feudal System work? Excellent worksheet looking at the workings of the Feudal system. Submitted by N Boughey
Who should be king? Another fabulous resource from N Boughey
William's problems Analysis of the problems facing William and the solutions to these problems. Submitted by N Boughey
Bayeaux tapestry A number of images taken from the bayeaux tapestry. Can be used for a variety of purposes.
Bayeaux tasks One activity that can be used with the above file.
Becket Information sheet and sequencing activity for lower ability students.
Causes of Norman Invasion Introduction to the events of 1066.
Causes of Norman Invasion (2) Simple introductory analysis of William's claims.
Consequences of the Norman Invasion Identify the short and long term consequences of the Norman conquest.
The Norman Invasion 7 page booklet covering most aspects of the norman invasion.
Domesday Book Simple analysis of the Domesday book. Introduction to personal study.
Millenium sheets Background information and questions on two medieval events. Useful as homework sheets for lower ability groups.
Magna Carta Introduction to the Magna Carta
Castles and Fortifications 1 Fortifications prior to the norman conquest (aimed at GCSE students).
Castles and Fortifications 2 Motte and Bailey Castles (Aimed at GCSE Students)
Castles and Fortifications 3 The Norman's in Yorkshire. (Aimed at GCSE Students)
Castles and Fortifications 4 Stone Keep Castles. (Aimed at GCSE Students)
Castles and Fortifications 5 Concentric Castles. (Aimed at GCSE Students)

The Rise of Islam

Islamic medicine Submitted worksheet. Uses 'The Islamic World' textbook to investigate the fight against dirt and disease.
Arabian Armies background information relating to the successes of the arabian armies.
Baghdad Project on the city of Baghdad.
Life in Baghdad Worksheet investigating the life of the rich and poor in Baghdad.
The life of Muhammad A range of actities for lower ability students.

The Stuarts

Execution of Charles Source material.
Fire Diary extracts relating to the Fire of London
James I Fact File Biography sheet to complete following research. Submitted by N Boughey
Long term Causes of the Civil War Submitted by N Boughey
Taking Sides Evidence suggesting the reasons why people chose different sides in the Civil War.

Expansion, Trade and Industry.

Why did businesses grow? Tips on how to write an essay.
Industrial growth and the Darby's of Coalbrookdale. Two worksheets on the growth of the Darby's business.
1851 Census Submitted zip files.
The American Revolution A number of tasks on the American Revolution.
The Industrial Revolution in Bradford A range of ICT based tasks on the conditions in Bradford during the Industrial Revolution.
Building a Canal  
Canal Networks  
Impact of the new roads  
Road Improvers  
Building the railways  
Changes to Roads  
Impact of railways  
The Railways  
The Industrial Revolution  
Children in the Industrial Revolution  

The First World War

Causes of First World War 3 pages of background information and activities.
Conscription For higher attainers
Conscription Suitable for most students.
Conscription Suitable for lower attainers.
Trench Warfare Differentiated exercises on Trench warfare (3 pages)
Joining Up 2 worksheets on Joining up and the famous Kitchener poster.
The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Submitted by N Boughey
Causes of World War One (Chart) Submitted by N Boughey
Murder at Sarajevo Homework activity to follow the above resources. Submitted by N Boughey.
Long term causes of WW1 Homework activities submitted by N Boughey.
What is war? Introduction to the teaching of the First and Second World Wars. Asks students to consider a range of issues and provides some themes for development in future lessons.
What is war? (Foundation) Similar activity to the one noted above but aimed at lower attaining groups.
Appeasement Crossword  
Homefront Crossword  
20th century Warfare - Sequencing task  
Lions led by Donkeys?  
Lord Kitchener  

The Second World War

Bradford at war In depth project
Dad's Army Worksheet on the Home Guard.
The Home Front For lower attainers.
Women at war for lower attainers.

Medicine through Time

An interview with Galen Submitted by Mr Welsh
Greeks versus the Romans Submitted by Mr Welsh
Greek medicine Summary Submitted by Mr Welsh
Theory of the Four humours Submitted by Mr Welsh
Roman Medicine Submitted by Mr Welsh
The 4 humours Outlines what the four humours were and the way that the theory was used.
Ancient Greece background information about Ancient greece
Asclepios Easy to complete sheet for students to use then revise from.
Avicenna Easy to complete sheet for students to use then revise from.
Galen Easy to complete sheet for students to use then revise from.
Hippocrates Easy to complete sheet for students to use then revise from.
Imhoptep Easy to complete sheet for students to use then revise from.
Pare Easy to complete sheet for students to use then revise from.
Vesalius Easy to complete sheet for students to use then revise from.
Cult of Asclepios Activity based on the Cult of Asclepios
The Plague Develops key Skills through an investigation into the great Plague
Quiz Questions Set of questions for students to use when revising.
Infectious Disease A range of activities looking at the developments in fighting infectious disease between 1850 and 1950.
Islamic Mind map An introduction to mind mapping.
Islamic medicine Background information
Islamic medicine Activity sheet for above
Islamic medicine Prompt sheet to assist students with above
Islamic medicine A range of answers for students to evaluate.
Renaissance timeline For students to complete and revise from
Renaissance overview Chart for students to complete.
Renaissance overview (2) Different revision tool for students.
Question and answer Quiz questions and answers
Source reliability Analysis of sources reating to Islamic medicine.
William Harvey Investigation into Harvey's work.
Prompt sheet Prompts and possible structures for above sheet.
Vesalius Information and activities.
Surgery in the 19th Century  

Rise of Hitler and Weimar Germany

Early days of Weimar Background information
Activity Sheet Tasks to go with above sheet.
Rise of Hitler Activities to run alongside online lesson. (Link to lesson)
Revision notes: Persecution of the Jews Simple overview of the Anti-Semitic policies implemented during the Third Reich.
Revision notes: The German economy Simple revision notes on nazi economic policy
Was the period 1924-1929 a Golden era for the Weimar Republic? Essay based activity with student friendly markc scheme and a range of answers to use in lessons. Ideal for sessions aimed at identifying key features of good answers and analysis of examination criteria.
Revision Notes: Social Policy  
Revision Notes: Hitler's Rise to power Outline of the factor's enabling hitler to become chancellor.
The Weimar Constitution A Publisher document that illustrates how the Constitution worked.
The Weimar Republic No point in re-inventing the wheel... use Russel Tarr's excellent pass notes on the Weimar Republic.
Why did Hitler become Chancellor?  
The SA  
Was the Weimar constitution doomed from the start?  
Hitlers' Rise to Power  
Rise of the NSDAP  
Consequences of the First World War  
Nazi Propaganda  
The Holocaust  

Northern Ireland worksheets

The Easter Rising The aftermath of the Easter Rising
Wall Paintings Source based activities
Partition Investigation into the consequences of partition.
Easter Rising (2) Background information and activities.
1968 -1972 Information and activities about the period 1968 to 1972.
Bloody Sunday  
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