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Year Nine History Teachers' Resources

Worksheets and presentations relating to the First World War.

The First World War

Causes of First World War 3 pages of background information and activities.
Conscription For higher attainers
Conscription Suitable for most students.
Conscription Suitable for lower attainers.
Trench Warfare Differentiated exercises on Trench warfare (3 pages)
Joining Up 2 worksheets on Joining up and the famous Kitchener poster.
The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Submitted by N Boughey
Causes of World War One (Chart) Submitted by N Boughey
Murder at Sarajevo Homework activity to follow the above resources. Submitted by N Boughey.
Long term causes of WW1 Homework activities submitted by N Boughey.

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Year 9 Activities

Online lessons for year 9    
The Industrial Revolution The First World War The Romanov family
Popular protests The Second World War Humber Bridge Project
Interactive Quizzes for year 9 students.    
The Industrial Revolution American Revolution First World War
Chartism French revolution Second World War
  Russian Revolution The Cold War
Hitler's Germany  

Other excellent resources can be found at Schoolhistory.co.uk

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