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The Story of Romulus and Remus

The twin brothers Romulus and Remus were the sons of the God Mars. When they were very young they were abandoned by the banks of the River Tiber and left to fend for themselves. Luckily for them they were found by a she-wolf who took pity on them fed them with her milk. 

Later a shepherd found the boys and took them home to look after them. He ended up raising the boys as his own children. The boys grew up to be very strong and clever and they decided to build a town on the spot where the Shepherd had found them. 

Shortly after building the town the twins had a big argument about who should be in charge. Romulus overpowered his brother Remus who died in the fight. Romulus then became the first king of this town which he named Rome, after himself.


As you can see, the early days of the City of Rome are surrounded with mystery. Much of what Historians believe is based upon circumstance as there is little evidence remaining of what Rome was like two and a half thousand years ago. What we do have is a Legend, a story that is partly based on fact, partly based on fiction. 

Read through the story of Romulus and Remus again, try and work out which parts of the story are fact and which sections are fiction.







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