Major battles of the English Civil War

The first battle of the Civil War was at Edgehill near Birmingham in 1642. At the battle of Edgehill so that the soldiers could tell which side they were on, they wore coloured belts tied round their waists. These belts were called sashes. During the battle some soldiers that supported parliament changed sides and decided to support the king. Some of the soldiers forgot to take off their belts and they ended up being shot by the kings men. This was the first battle of the war and not many weapons had been made. About 400 of the kings men did not have guns, they just had wooden sticks called clubs. The king won this battle. After the battle the king went to London but they wouldn't let him into the city.


Image of a Roundhead's helmet


The Battle of Marston Moor was fought in July 1644. Marston Moor is in Yorkshire. The kings army was lead by a man called Prince Rupert. Until now Prince Rupert had been the most successful of the kings generals. The kings army was well beaten, 4,000 men died. Cromwell with the help of soldiers from Scotland won. After this battle Cromwell was seen as one of the most important parliamentary generals.

  Cannon's were used in the English Civil War

The Battle of Naseby in Northamptonshire took place in June 1645 Cromwell won because he had a bigger army. Parliament were fighting with their new model army. Cromwell had more men than the king. This was really the end for the Royalists. 4,500 prisoners were taken, the rest of the Royalist army died. After the battle king Charles escaped to Wales. The New Model Army went on to defeat another Royalist Army in Somerset.













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